TypeScript Essentials
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9 chapters, 9 essentials.
I started learning TypeScript in 2017, just before joining Dashlane.


At that time I was playing around with TypeScript and built a Spotify GraphQL Client using it.
I then started to write an article about “5 things to know when writing a Typescript npm module” because I found not everything was smooth and easy in Typescript:
5 things to know when writing a TypeScript NPM module


One year later, this article is still very popular as I write this line because of the hurdles newcomers continue to get into.
So I thought I would write some more tips I found working with on a daily basis that I wish I had when starting working with TypeScript.



There will be 9 chapters :


I really hope theses articles will help you to make your own opinion on TypeScript and assist in getting up to speed with the language.