I'm a passionate Senior Software Engineer working at Algolia

ex A line Engineering Chief, ex-Dashlaner, and ex-JobTeaserian.

Not looking for new opportunities

Available for talks or grab a beer 🍻



  • GraphQL Paris - "Build React Forms from GraphQL API"

    GraphQL is way more than "just fetching data".

    See slides

  • Angular Paris - "Front-end architecture in practice"

    Some Software Architecture principles applied to the front-end world.

    See slides

  • JobTeaser Tech Sharing - "Scaling a Single Page Application with GraphQL"

    Shared a good case of migrating from REST to GraphQL + overview of Apollo features set.

  • Paris TypeScript Meetup #13 - "Why use TypeScript, good and bad reasons"

    I wanted to share my thoughts on TypeScript and have feedbacks from experienced developers.
    This is of course based on the article " Why use TypeScript, good and bad reasons"

    See slides

  • Paris TypeScript Meetup #7 @ Dashlane - "Decorators in practice"

    Presentation on decorators, "experimental" feature lacking technical documentation and examples.
    I will present the thing in 2 parts: analysis of the internal code of TS managing the decorators and some practical examples of decorators with the SpotifyQuery decorator.

    See slides

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