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  • Front-end architecture and debt management
  • Tech lead coaching

Work together

Technical debt, complex architectural or technology choices, organizational issues are affecting your product and team, making your company less competitive?

I can accompany you in:
  • Managing your technical debt, from auditing your product, laying down a roadmap and some guidelines to helping on the most critical aspect of the development.
  • Building the best architecture for your front-end application and benchmarking and selecting the best technologies for the challenges you face
    (ex: "would GraphQL benefits your product?")
  • Boosting your technical organization by optimizing the operational processes (ex: observability) and coaching your tech-leads to get the best of their roles.
Strong of more than 9 years of professional experience in companies such as JobTeaser, Dashlane, including more than 3 years in Technical leadership position at Algolia, and early-stage companies; I also talked at many international conferences including the known React Europe 2019 conference, and wrote many reference articles on TypeScript, React, and GraphQL relayed by recognized international newsletters such as GraphQL Weekly and TypeScript Weekly.

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