I'm a passionate full-stack developer
I speak Ruby and have a JavaScript expertise.

Currently working at A line as Engineering Chief.

Ex- Dashlaner.



By passionate, I mean loving understanding how things work.

This is how I ended learning web development 10 years ago, surfing on forums and one day, asking myself : 'How does this amazing thing work?'

Then after reading many HTML, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript books I became a passionate developer.

After a DUT of Computer Science Diploma, I started my professional life following my passion by working at Synthesio as a Front-end Developer.

One year later, I joined ClicRDV as a RoR Fullstack developer.

I joined JobTeaser 2 years later, as a Full-stack RoR Developer.

I worked at Dashlane from February to June 2017, as Software Engineer (TypeScript).

In June, I leaved Dashlane for A line, this is my first early-stage startup experience.



  • Paris TypeScript Meetup #7 @ Dashlane - "Decorators in practice"

    Presentation on decorators, "experimental" feature lacking technical documentation and examples.
    I will present the thing in 2 parts: analysis of the internal code of TS managing the decorators and some practical examples of decorators with the SpotifyQuery decorator.

    See slides

Active projects