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Hi, i’m Charly.

Passionate about Web Software Engineering, from front-end to working on APIs, mostly on TypeScript, GraphQL, and Ruby ecosystems

I was 13 when I started surfing on forums and wondering how they were working.

I immediately started to learn HTML, CSS, PHP & MySQL with books and built my forum as a first project.

After that, I discovered JavaScript with Prototype, Scriptaculous and fell in love with Flash development’s artistic power with ActionScript 2.

This passion and many side-projects ultimately led me to short computer science studies and starting my first job in Paris at 20.

Working with great teams motivated me to start writing articles and being involved in Parisian tech meetups.

Tech education then became a new passion.

Lately, working for companies like Dashlane or Algolia brought me to work on lead position and eventually speak at conferences like React Europe or other online events.

While most of the tech community articles are either self-promotions or too opinionated, I wanted to share honest and unbiased thoughts about tech’s current state.

My passion is to help fellow engineers forge their own opinion and get the most of new web-technologies.